Easy Diabetic Tip Sheets and Handouts from American Association of Diabetes Educators

Source: Tip Sheets and Handouts



Diabetes Tip Sheets

Diabetes is a complex disease, and there’s much to learn. To help you, AADE has created a number of resources on different themes that are designed to help navigate issues you may face

Healthy Eating Resources

Healthy Summer Picnics

Healthy Summer Picnics
Also available in Spanish

Healthy Football Season

Healthy Holidays

Also available in Spanish

Blood Glucose Monitoring Resources

What’s in it for me?

WhatsInItforMe thumbnail

Insider Tips and Tricks

InsiderTipsTricks thumbnail

Expert Recommendations

ExpertRecommendations thumbnail

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Resources

Tip Sheet 1 CVD and DM

Available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 2 CVD Goals

Available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 3 CVD prevention

Available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 4 Top 5 questions

Available in Spanish

Insulin Injection Resources

Understanding Insulin


Learning How to Inject Insulin


Pro Tips for Better Injections


Mental Health Resources

mental health tip sheet - Anger

Also available in Spanish

mental health tip sheet - stress

Also available in Spanish

mental health tip sheet - depression

Also available in Spanish

mental health tip sheet - distress

Also available in Spanish

Resources for Helping to Remember to Take Medications

Improving Medication Taking

Tips for Improving Medication Taking

Also available in Spanish

My Diabetes Medicines Checklist

My Diabetes Medicines Checklist

Also available in Spanish

Lifestyle Resources

Sexuality and Diabetes


Tips for Travelling


Aging and Diabetes

Being Physically Active


Diabetes Online Community


Understanding Hypoglycemia


Protect Against the Flu

Flu and You Graphic

Conquering the Grocery Store


Addressing Cultural Differences


AADE7 Self-Care BehaviorsTM

Healthy Eating

Also available in Spanish

Being Active

Also available in Spanish


Also available in Spanish

Taking Medication

Also available in Spanish

Problem Solving

Also available in Spanish

Reducing Risks

Also available in Spanish

Healthy Coping

Also available in Spanish


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