How to get more than 7 days from my Dexcom Sensor

So there was a point when there was no blogs or forums talking about Dexcom and how the sensors work. Now there are many sites talking about CGM’s and such.

I have been a diabetic using a CGM for the past 2 years.  I started out using the Dexcom by the book! I would change it when required and place it on my belly as directed by the instructions. Those sensors are expensive!

The first time I used my Dexcom I did not like how it felt after just a couple of days of wearing it around, it worked its way loose a little and I could feel the sensor poking me as the tape was pulling away from my skin, it was uncomfortable. It was also getting looser every time in the shower and when I got hot and sweaty or went swimming in the ocean or swimming pool it was even worse.
Living in Florida and being active at the beach and around water is my life. These activities and lifestyle did not work well with my Dexcom sensors and many common activities made my CGM fall off early or get loose and become very unconformable and then required sensor replacement. I started cutting out bandages and tape to put over my sensors at first but they were ugly and did not last. I looked online and was not able to find anything helpful so I just managed to get by with ugly Band-Aids and loose tape, they looked horrible and made me feel like an escaped medical patient with a weird device on my belly. I was not confident when people saw me with my shirt off, but the sensor would stick better.

Once I was able to keep my dexcom sensor stuck to my body better, I noticed my finger stick numbers were getting closer to my dexcom numbers and that the sensor did not poke my wound and tickle/ hurt as I moved and was active.

Then I found out The Most Important Information on How to Make your Dexcom Sensor Last Longer! The trick is to keep the sensor secured to your body and when the 7 days is up simply pust Stop Sensor and then puch Start Sensor, wait the 2 hour warmup and then keep going. Do not remove the old sensor or insert a new one, simply keep the old one in place and secured and keep on going. This will allow you to save money!!


One thought on “How to get more than 7 days from my Dexcom Sensor

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